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FibreMax 420g


Fibre Shake


Your detoxing superhero.

One serve provides 40% of your recommended daily fibre*.
100% natural, supports healthy gut & digestive comfort.
Blend of soluble and insoluble plant fibres.
Insoluble fibre cleans your intestines.
Soluble fibre makes you feel fuller longer.
This exclusive combination assists toxins to pass more quickly through the stomach & intestines.

Regularity: Cleans and detoxifies the digestive tract plus regulates glucose.
Energy: Helps prevent digestive sluggishness, giving you more energy and stamina.
Goodness: Natural fibre, vitamins, minerals and proteins.

Dietary fibre is essential for a healthy intestinal and digestive tract. It ensures efficient removal of toxins from the body and encourages good bowel health and energy levels. With other natural ingredients that help maintain healthy glucose levels and weight management, FibreMax™ helps you feel good, healthy and regular.
*based on one 15g serve

47% Chicory Root Extract
23.5% Psyllium Husk
23.5% Soy Fibre
5% Oat Bran
1% Pectin

Serving Directions:
Adults: Take 15g (2 scoops) 1-2 times per day.
FibreMax™ can be blended into beverages, gravies, baking and cereals. 2 scoops in 200-250ml of liquid (e.g. milk, fruit juice, water).

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