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We have partnered up with Sharon Schroëter. Sharon is a qualified nutritionist and primary health care worker. She also specialises in nutritional microscopy, also known as live blood analysis as well as QMR and inner body scans.

Sharon is a graduate of Blackford Centre for Nutrition in London, United Kingdom and qualified with distinction in Nutrition and has been awarded the certificate of achievement of ABC Awards together with an Approved Nutritionist accreditation.

Sharon is passionate about living a healthy happy life, and believes this all stems from eating REAL, LOCALLY Sourced foods in it’s right season. Nutrition is integral to lifestyle & growth.

She has extensive experience in helping people for over 15 years on nutrition and health-related aspects, specifically with reference to healthy weight loss and poor eating habits. She believes food is medicine to the body and can be used as a healing agent to develop strong, healthy bodies.

As a member of the SA Culinary Club & SA Coffee club, she is constantly adapting new ideas to menus and implementing easy, quick ways to healthy eating!

Sharon specialise in nutritional consultations, eating plans, laser lipo, sauna treatments as well as nutritional microscopy, also known as live blood cell analysis or darkfield microscopy.

Integrative Medicine

Live Blood Cell Analysis is an in-office assessment of nutritional imbalances and altered blood ecology patterns. Sharon will take a single drop of blood obtained by a finger prick and then examine it at a high magnification with a dark-field microscope which is connected to a television screen.  The immediate results are observed by both you and Sharon.  Live blood testing enables Sharon to see exactly how one’s blood behaves in the body, giving a clear picture of one’s health at a cellular level.

QMR and inner body scans

Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analysis is an emerging rapid and non-invasive spectroscopic testing method that is particularly useful for comparing the efficacy of drugs and supplements and examining sub-health conditions

Personal advice and custom plans

Do you want personal advice and a strategy specifically for you? Without having to sift through overloads of information and diet plans? An online nutrition consultation is what you’re looking for.

To book a consultation session with Sharon to have a live blood analysis done or a QMR inner body scan performed, complete the contact form below.

Here’s How It Works:

Sharon will email you an initial questionnaire + follow-up questions to fill out in your own time so she can analyse your specific situation and nutritional needs. You get a package of information and her personalised recommendations to help you regain balance and optimal nutrition.

The full package includes a customized 7-day meal plan tailored to your nutritional needs, dietary restrictions, budget, and personal tastes – or you can get the consultation on its own if you like to keep costs low.

For more information on customised meal plans and online nutrition consultations with Sharon, or to schedule a consultation to have a live blood analysis or QMR inner body scan performed, please complete the contact form below: